Pressure in football management is par-for-the-course, but nowhere is more unforgiving than when you take one of the big jobs in Glasgow.

Tony Mowbray, who is barely a dozen competitive games into his new job, is already swatting away questions from reporters about his performance in the Parkhead hotseat.

“Hopefully, the vast majority of Celtic supporters understand the journey that we’re on,” Mowbray said. “This team will change as time moves on. It’s my responsibility to do that. With every window of opportunity you try to improve your team. As time goes on you do the best you can. A new manager surely he has a right to build a new team.

“You can only move people in the transfer windows, so when those windows open you try to improve on the quality you have. Nobody is saying here that [a specific player] will leave, but in time competition [for places] will be created, and people will fall by the wayside. That happens at every club. As the next window comes and signings arrive, you’ll see competition.”

The man talks a lot of sense. After only ONE transfer window, I can’t believe there are already murmours of discontent from the terraces to go alongside the questions raised in the press. Yes, the squad at this moment is very poor, with a real lack of quality but as I’ve said til I’m blue in the face, this is not Mogga’s squad. He made a couple of signings in the transfer window, one of whom got injured very quickly, but Mowbray didn’t really have the time to fully judge his squad when he came in. As a result, blaming him for the lack of quality is grossly unfair.

In my opinion, our best player is only just breaking back into the squad after a long injury (Robson) and with him back in the side our fortunes will improve. On top of this, Mowbray has already issued a warning to his squad claiming he’d be willing to bring in TEN players in during the transfer window.

By this evidence, Mowbray can see how poor we are as a squad. And yet we have clowns within the support calling him “a muppet”, “inept” and other, less printable insults. It has to stop. We as a fan base need to get behind our manager, who has the club in his heart and the drivel we see on the pitch hurts him as much as it hurts us.

Statistics tell us that clubs who back their managers achieve more success than those who constantly chop and change them. We know that Mowbray likes to play football, the type of football we want to see at Paradise again. For Mowbray to bring us that brand of attacking football again we need to show him some support from the terraces.

I’d like to hope that support will begin tonight in the Europa League game against Hamburg.