Marlon King - Surprisingly not on his way to batter another woman (maybe)

*exasperated sigh*

As I type this, everyone’s favourite reprehensible football thug, Marlon King, has found himself a new club, Coventry this time. His wages are estimated to be somewhere in the region of £10k per week.

Of course, King has served his time (again) and he’s entitled to earn his living as well as Coventry is entitled to employ him. What’ll be interesting here is how the Coventry fans react will react to Marlon King if he actually performs well for them.

Football fans are notoriously short of memory though, especially when one of their crew is performing. Look at the moronic fans at Meadow Lane, screaming their support for a convicted killer.

I wonder why it is that the Sex Offender Marlon King and the Drink Drive Killer Lee Hughes have been able to find gainful employment so soon after spending a few months at “Her Majesties Pleasure”. Oh hold on, I actually know this, it’s because they’re footballers. It seems to me that being a footballer or being involved in football in some respect instantly lifts you above the ethical concerns of everyday life.

Strangely, I don’t blame Marlon King for his predicament; he’s only trying to earn his living the only way he knows how. The blame for his return to football lies with Aidy Boothroyd and the Football League. Boothroyd for wanting to sign a man who currently resides on the sex offenders register, and The Football League for sanctioning his return to football.

I know that my calling football fans “moronic” isn’t going to go down well, but to be quite honest, I don’t care. If the Notts fans want to support a man who has blood on his hands, that’s their call. If the fans at the Ricoh want to wear shirts with King’s name on the back, that’s down to them.

But don’t expect me to join you and certainly don’t expect me to approve.