So here’s a first on my blog. Wait for it….I agree with Arsene Wenger. There, I said it. Wenger has frustrated me greatly this season, but his comments surrounding Mick McCarthy’s team selection against Manchester United were spot on.

Wenger claimed that Arsenal were competing against United over only 37 games now, not the whole 38, and I don’t care how you look at it, the view is very solid. For those unsure what I’m talking about, manager Mick McCarthy changed his entire out-field 10 for the trip, leaving out every player who had played in the win at White Hart Lane. The 3-0 defeat then was somewhat inevitable.

Of course, there are some who will argue that McCarthy can pick any team he likes for the match. I’d like to see you argue that point to the 3,000 or so Wolves fans who made the trip north.”42 quid to watch the reserves” was belted out by most in that number, many of whom will have put a trip to Old Trafford in their diaries from the moment the fixtures were announced.

Whilst I understand McCarthy’s  thinking behind this move, wanting to give his players a break in a long, hard season, his actions are flawed at best. The beauty of the Premiership is that no side is invincible, yet McCarthy’s actions seemed very much like he was taking his side up there to lay down and get ran all over.

This league is supposed to have sides competing to the very best of their ability. Wolves proved they have that ability by winning at Tottenham on Saturday, a feat not too many sides will manage this year. Manchester United had also been beaten at home, proving that if a side showed some ambition, a victory was possible.

McCarthy’s attitudes reek of defeatism, and I would hate to see other managers follow his lead. How many would decide ‘Old Trafford? No chance, let’s send the kids up there’ I wonder? I’d like to think not many, but I’d implore the Premier League to act fast and fine McCarthy, with a suspended points deduction if he decides on a similar act when Wolves have to visit Chelsea or Arsenal.

However, the one biggest surprise for me here is Wenger actually saw the team list. It’s not like he sees anything else, is it?