Clarke and Amir, Who ruined cricket the most? (this image is the property of Reuters)

Confession time.

I’m not actually THAT much of a football fan, I mean, I like it and everything, but it ranks a poor third in my top three of sports. Boxing comes second in that list with Cricket taking top spot and so it will always be. That’s why it genuinely hurts me to write about the recent betting scandal that currently engulfs the sport I love. Even more so as I actually rocked up at Trent Bridge this summer to watch a days play between England and Pakistan.

Where to start? Well,  The News Of The World, have obtained footage of a Pakistani “Match Fixer” called Mazhar Majeed telling an undercover reporter when three no-balls will be bowled by the bowlers Mohammed Asif and the Mohammed Amir. And, as if by magic, the balls were bowled at exactly the time Majeed said they would be. I don’t know about you, but that’s hard evidence of match fixing in my book. Mohammed Asif, Mohammed Amir and Salman Butt (Captain), look like they’ll be headed the same way of Hansie Cronje, the late Captain of South Africa, shamed and banned for life. And rightly so, I won’t tolerate the defence of Mohammed Amir being only 18 and impressionable, as far as I’m concerned, if he’s found guilty, that should be the end of his career

I’m heartbroken friends.

Fixing of this kind is a cancer in cricket, and like all cancers it should be removed, otherwise it will kill the sport I truly love. I say we not only ban the cricketers involved for life (and I mean life), but the ICC should also take a stand and suspend Pakistan’s status as a Test playing country and this shouldn’t be given back to Pakistan until they can demonstrate to everyone that the corruption that soaks their game has been eradicated. The ECB, a cretinous institution if ever there was one, should also call off the one-day series between England and Pakistan. Of course, a move like that would require a degree of moral fibre from the organisation and as long as they are being chaired by Giles Clarke (the man who sold cricket to Sky, selling it’s fans down the river), such brave moves are out of the question.

People like Clarke, Amir, Asif and Butt are killing the sport I truly love, by taking it away from it’s fans and by accepting money to pervert it. For how long must we stand back and watch cricket be slowly destroyed from within by the very people who are supposed to be upholding it’s values of decency, fair play and total honesty? You expect this kind of thing from the sleazy. murky world of Association Football, but not from the game that bought us such greats as Donald Bradman (The Greatest Sportsman ever), Ian Botham, Imran Khan and Viv Richards

It just isn’t cricket, is it?