Afternoon all, hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. Mine was relatively quiet and stress-free. A pity the same can’t be said about Notts County, as in the fifth day of this new decade, the club has been issued with yet another winding up order.

Normally, I try to be positive about this kind of news. The club are making the right kind of noises about the bill being paid ‘with plenty of time’ to spare, and Mr Trembling assures us there is nothing to worry about. We’ve also discovered today that the Football League have hit us with a transfer embargo while the finances are resolved, which again I’d not have worried about previously due to the depth of the squad. But right now, my mood is changing.

This petition has been served to the club’s parent company, Blenheim 1862 Limited, and is once again over unpaid taxes. But this does make me think that the club is being run by a bunch of amateurs. How can we possibly have two winding up orders in three months? And why, when the mega-rich backers came in, did they not pay these bills off straight away? If money ‘was no object’ as was claimed, was the club’s first objective not to wipe all debts? Surely viewing the books should be in the mind of any investor?

Trembling at least tells us he was aware of the petition. However, I’m getting sick of hearing from him. I’m now genuinely worried that beyond this season, my beloved Notts County will have gone out of business, all because the faceless board were not prepared to show us true transparency. With that transparency, the Football League and the media would not have been all over us like a fat kid in a cake shop, and we’d have been able to get along with the important stuff…earning promotion.

As it is, we still sit here without a manager, and as one of the most inconsistent teams in the league. I was looking forward to January, adding a couple more faces to the squad to boost our promotion push. However, this latest news may put off potential managers, who may be worried about what may happen in the future.

Hans Backe left the club over ‘broken promises’. I think there is a segment of our support who feel promises to us have been broken as well. Now, we need to see this bill paid quickly, and we need assurances from the board that any debts are covered. We also need to see a manager come in who can lift the squad and earn us that promotion we so desperately desire.

The next few weeks will tell us everything about Notts County. I just hope that come March, we still have a club to support.

Well now, there are quite a few journalists with egg on their faces today. Despite all their assurances that Sven was ‘destined’ to leave Notts County for the Swedish national job, he turned them down to concentrate on his role as Director of Football at Meadow Lane.

I for one, am delighted that this is the case, but it has seriously made me question the standard of sports writers in this country. Some journalists who claimed Sven was about to pack his bags didn’t even bother finding a quote, and yet if they had spoken to the club they’d have discovered Eriksson had already turned down ‘more than 20’ jobs since he took on the role. Now even if I’d done that at University I’d have been slated, let alone working as a paid journalist!

But this is nothing new for Notts supporters. For weeks now, the Guardian have been publishing stories attacking the Notts ownership, claiming that the club will fail in the ratification attempt. They are also keen to know who owns the club, when the important issue should be ‘who owns any club’? Do we actually know who owns every club in the league? I mean 100% ownership, not just the ‘face’ of the club?

I’m also quite alarmed at just how negative the press have been towards the club in general since Munto’s takeover. Here is a small club with ambition, and yet the press seem determined to drag the club through the muck. If it was another League 2 club in our position, take Lincoln City for example, I’d be delighted for them, as it’s a chance for a club to break the status quo. What puzzles me is on one hand journalists complain about a ‘lack of competition within the Premier League’, and the domination of the ‘Big 4’, and yet when clubs demonstrate any level of ambition the press seek to destroy them (I’m clearly talking about Manchester City here, before you think I’m jumping the gun on Notts)

However, if Notts do achieve promotion this media glare is inevitably going to continue, so I think we’re all just going to have to accept it.

Fortunately however, the club’s fans seem to be united in their support, and the Football League’s decision yesterday to announce that the club’s backers have passed the ‘Fit and Proper Persons’ test is fantastic news, and league ratification is now only a few days away.

Now we can all look forward to the new manager’s appointment, safe in the knowledge that we’ve finally been accepted by the league and ‘future Notts County legend’ Sven is right behind our little ‘project’.

And that, my friends, is good news indeed.