Fury and Harrison, Mental.

February 23, 2011

The last I saw of Audley Harrison (27-5, 20 KO), he was lying flat on his back after David Haye sparked him out inside 3 rounds. You’d have thought that after his humiliation he’d have faded away into much deserved obscurity. But no, Audley Harrison recently catapulted himself back into the public eye with his recent musings about Tyson Fury (14-0, 10 KO). Speaking on Twitter, the Olympic Champion stated:

“Fury’s got quick hands, but he’s not ready for me yet. He makes too many mistakes. After calling me out, I noticed in the post fight interview he didn’t call my name.”

Hmmm. Well, he may have a point there. I saw Fury’s fight against Marcelo Luiz Nascimento last Saturday night, and to be honest, Fury looked amateurish, no wonder Harrison fancies his chances. That said though, he probably fancied his chances against Haye and we all know where that ended. It’s quite astonishing to me that Audley Harrison would try to gee up interest in a potential match with Fury, surely he must know that he’s finished as a credible boxer?

Fury though, has quietly dropped Harrison as a potential opponent, knowing that he needs a decent bout, he’s started pointing at Dereck Chisora as a good fight for him. The problem with that though is that Chisora has the slightly more pressing matter of Vladimir Klitschko to contend with.

Now, boxers making ludicrous claims are all part and parcel of the sport, but incredibly Fury has alleged that Chisora is ducking him by taking the fight against Klitschko!

OK, so for Fury’s benefit, here’s what actually happened. The Chisora beat Danny Williams for the British title being a late replacement for Sam Sexton. After he beat Williams, he beat Sexton for the second time as Sexton was his mandatory challenger. Chisora isn’t due to defend his title until March 2011 at the earliest, in the meantime he fights Klitschko. Fury complaining that Chisora is refusing to face him is absolute balderdash, Chisora knows that Fury is the next mandatory challenger and has already said that he’s happy to fight Fury after he fights Klitschko.

While Fury is waiting to get in the ring with “Del Boy” Chisora, maybe he should work on developing those boxing skills. I seriously feel that if Chisora and Fury meet up anytime soon, Chisora would seriously damage Fury.