Now then, I was hoping I’d get to blog about the new owners of Notts finally being ratified by the FA. As it is, there’s still a degree of uncertainty surrounding the club, some of which I’ll confess makes me feel uncomfortable.

Personally, the biggest issue I have is that I don’t know who the owners of the club actually are. Munto Finance, or QADBAK, or whoever they are is just a name. Whilst I really appreciate what they are trying to achieve, I think the fans would appreciate actually knowing who these guys are. Even Chelsea and Man City fans get to see their owners at matches, so I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

I’ve heard a few fellow fans unhappy that the owners aren’t English, or British even. Me, I couldn’t give a stuff where they’re from, but knowing who actually owns the club would be a massive step in the right direction.

Of course, now the ratification isn’t complete I better comment on the state of the team on the pitch hadn’t I? In my humble opinion, we’re doing OK. Now the Sol debacle is over (and he’s got another bunch of fans who hate him, nothing new there) I think the side is looking good. Rodgers scoring his first goals for us is a massive boost, although his subsequent arrest is something we could have done without.

Still, we picked up a good point at Cheltenham, and the side is still gelling. A lot has been said over the future of Charlie, but as far as I’m concerned, we’re there or there abouts with an almost entirely new side, which is an achievement. Come March-April time, we’re certainly good enough to be in that top 3, so it’s difficult not to be optimistic about the future.

However, I’m sure we’ll all feel a lot better when the FA finally confirm the takeover. Here’s hoping.

No need to panic Notts

August 30, 2009

Well, the rollercoaster ride at Notts County takes a downward spiral after a defeat at Underhill, and the scaremongers are out in force.

“Two more defeats and Charlie’s out” says one idiot on the NEP website. Obviously, now Notts have a couple of quid they want one of those moonsticks. Yesterday. And they’re not on their own, as you find several similar comments on every forum you visit.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t there almost an entire new team down at the ‘Lane these days? And despite what the over exuberant media says, Charlie is responsibe for that team, he identified most of those players and has got them on the right track to start playing as a unit. OK, Sven brought in the two ‘marquee signings’ of Kasper Schmeichel and ‘The Soleth’, but the stars of the season so far are very much Charlie’s boys.

And like any new team, the one thing that’s needed is time to gel, and gel they almost certainly will. Notts have a spine of players with Premier League experience, and most of the side have played further up the football pyramid.

And once we have gelled, we’ll romp to promotion.

Have a look at the positives; Up front there’s goals throughout, particularly from Hughes, but both Hawley and Rogers look a shoe-in for 15 goals plus. There’s strength at the back, with Graeme Lee in particular looking a class act, and Johnnie Jackson will be a top signing in midfield. Then there are the two best goalkeepers in League 2 in the squad, both of whom could do a job further up the football spectrum.

So come on my fellow Pies, give Charlie the time he deserves to mould the new players into a team, and remember there are 123 points left to play for this season. And it could be worse, we could still be watching the atrocity that was last years team.

Or watching Forest.