The Question Of Legacy – David Haye.

February 13, 2011

Klitschko v Haye (courtesy of Reuters)

If there’s one thing most boxers are obsessed with, it’s their legacy. Some boxers are lucky in that they faced career defining fights seemingly every other month. For a period in the seventies, it was apparently the case that Muhammad Ali couldn’t cross the road without being involved in some epoch shattering dust up.

The flip side of this is that there are some boxers who, despite having all the tools, never quite cemented their place in the minds of the fans. Some point the finger at Joe Calzaghe, undefeated of course, but lacking the win that really would have catapulted him into the boxing stratosphere. Even today, heated debate surrounds Calzaghe, he’s rather like the Marmite of boxing as he splits opinion like no other boxer. What’s Calzaghe’s legacy? It seems that his legacy is the intense argument that surrounds his record.

And it’s down this road that David Haye finds himself jogging. He knows, as well as everyone, that he needs to get some quality “ring time” with a Klitschko brother (either Vlad or Vitali, Haye can’t afford to be fussy). Now, I’ve always been critical of Haye, I think his profile in this country is far more than he deserves, especially considering that Carl Froch has actually fought the better opposition and had the better performances.

The strange thing is that a date for a Vladimir Klitschko v David Haye has already been proposed, July 2nd.  Vladimir is convinced that he’ll walk through Dereck Chisora on the 30th April, treating the Briton as a “tone up” for the super fight against Haye. Haye could easily side step his mandatory challenger, Ruslan Chagaev with a pay off. Indeed, Vladimir Klitschko is actually claiming he could fight three times in 2011 as he also intends to face Tomasz Adamek in September this year. And to make it even more interesting, Adamek is actually a former Cruiserweight and Light Heavy champion,

The Haye party line is that the Klitschko’s will be forever linked with not fighting David Haye and that their legacy will be forever tarnished by them not meeting. That’s a rich line coming from the fighter who has yet to face a “live” opponent.

David Haye, I say, will get a thrashing from any of the Klitschko brothers, although Vladimir may let him leave the ring on his own steam, I genuinely think Vitali could seriously damage “The Hayemaker”.  I’m loath to make predictions, but I think Haye loses to both Klitschkos, Vladimir by round 10 and Vitali to KO Haye by the 7th.

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