All Hail The Thought Police!

January 26, 2011

Well, Andy Gray eh? Sacked! Richard Keys, resigned!

Where do we stand? Either the “Sky Sports 2” are irredeemably sexist dinosaurs who have no place in our thrusting, dynamic society or they’re simply hapless victims of carefully orchestrated media outrage and hysterical public opinion.

Let’s look at the facts, Andy Gray, and Richard Keys made off colour comments regarding the officiating capability of Sian Massey, the referee’s assistant for the match at Wolves last Saturday. Also, videotape of Richard Keys making what could only be described as unfortunate comments about Jamie Redknapps’ former girlfriend to a work colleague has emerged.While it could be argued that their utterances aren’t in the best possible taste and have no place in the dynamic, thrusting society we live in today. I ask, is it in proportion to sack Gray and pressurise Keys into resigning?

Well, my answer is “No, no it isn’t”.

What we have here is a re-hashing of Gordon Brown’s “That Woman” incident. Old G.B referred to one of his supporters as a “bigoted woman”, during the middle of an election campaign. Now we know that Brown lead his party to electoral defeat, but he still has employment as an MP in Westminster. Where’s the difference? Why are Gray and Keys being hauled over the coals of public opinion while Brown is still able to represent his constituents?

Who knows? But what I find most disturbing about all this is the lack of people who are willing to defend Gray and Keys. Are people not concerned that two men have lost their jobs over privately held views, accidentally made public? If a corporation like Sky are prepared to take this sort of step with two of their most highly paid and identifiable front men, what would stop another corporation doing the same thing to their employees?  Can you imagine? Being disciplined or even sacked, for merely holding an unpalatable opinion, that way tyranny lies.

 George Orwell wrote in “1984”, “You had to live—did live, from habit that became instinct—in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.”. It turns out that Orwell, was closer to describing modern day living then even he would have imagined.

And that, Dear Reader, should concern you more than any of Gray and Key’s ramblings.


One Response to “All Hail The Thought Police!”

  1. Mike McKenna Says:

    “Well done Sky Sports on taking a stand against sexism. Now who’s this week’s Soccerette?”

    Have to love Twitter.

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