Carl Froch. Where Now?

November 30, 2010

Froch v Abraham (Courtesy of Getty)

Evening All,

What a fight! Carl Froch (27-1, 20KO), regained his WBC Super Middleweight title with a dominating victory over German/Armenian, Arthur Abraham (31-2, 25KO). A unanimous points decision with two judges scoring the fight 112-108 and one judge scoring 119- 109? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Froch surprised pretty much everybody with the sheer quality of his performance, as opposed to standing square and attempting to out punch his man (as I’m sure most of us thought he would), he actually boxed Abraham. Froch kept himself on his toes, creating angles and blasting Abraham with stiff jabs that seemed to penetrate his famed defence with laughable ease. While it never seemed on the cards that Froch would KO Abraham, the quality of his performance has surely raised his profile both here and abroad. I don’t think I’m being too hyperbolic when I express the opinion that Froch is definitely the best boxer the UK has at the moment, and I’d even go so far as to say he’s in the P4P top ten.

And why not? Look at the evidence, as soon as Froch took the WBC title by defeating Jean Pascal (26-1, 16KO), he headed straight to the States to take on Jermain Taylor (28-4-1, 17KO) whom he KO’d at the end of the twelfth. After he beat Taylor, he headed back to Nottingham to fight Andre Dirrell (19-1, 13KO) in the Super Six. The fight wasn’t one for the ages, but he did enough to scrape a decision over the talented American. After he defeated Dirrell, he fought Mikkel Kessler (43-2, 32KO) where he suffered his first professional loss at the hands of the Dane.

You may be asking where I’m going with this, it’s simple, a champion has to fight the best his division can offer and that’s one thing Froch has been conscious of. Maybe he saw what happened to Calzaghe and decided that wasn’t for him. It’s fine fighting in Europe, but if you want to be recognised as the best, you’ve got to travel and you’ve got to fight in peoples’ back gardens. Froch has taken on the best in his division and has generally come out on top, with only Lucian Bute (27-0, 22KO) and Andre Ward (23-0, 13KO) left to fight, what’s to stop him making the move into the light-heavies?

But let’s get the Super Six finished first, Froch’s next fight is against the veteran Glencoffe Johnson (51-14-2, 35KO), who brings a wealth of experience with him. I know Johnson will be tricky for Froch and feel this could be closer than people may be thinking at the moment, and if Froch gets past that one, who’s he got next?

Arthur Abraham.

This is going to be awesome.


2 Responses to “Carl Froch. Where Now?”

  1. Andy Says:

    I agree Froch’s performance was outstanding but Abraham’s style is made for him much like Lacy was for Calzaghe, I disagree Froch is P4P top 10 material, he isn’t. He talks to much about himself and thinks he’s far better than he actually is.

    Regarding your Calzaghe comment, what do you mean by “Maybe he saw what happened to Calzaghe and decided that wasn’t for him.”

  2. ross m Says:

    Hi Andy,

    Working on the assumption you’d seen Froch against Kessler/Dirrell you’d admit that if THAT Carl Froch had turned up to fight Abraham, he could well have been smashed up. He actually boxed Abraham and beat him easily.
    As far as my opinion about p4p is concerned, well, it is subjective, but based on results over the last 2 years, I can’t see a boxer that’s had harder fights than Froch and had better results. Naturally, we’ll see after the Super Six when he fights Bute (which must surely happen). And, I can’t think of any boxer that doesn’t shamelessly promote themselves, maybe Froch is more vocal than most, but that’s just him.
    On to Calzaghe, I wished to point out that Calzaghe never got any cred until late in his career, something I’m sure Froch doesn’t want to happen to him. Maybe that’s why Froch went to the US at the first opportunity. Although Calzaghe is undoubtedly the greatest boxer these isles have produced, he wasn’t known for his risk taking in his fight selections. Indeed, he nearly pulled out of the Lacy fight and had to have his Dad persuade him to fight.

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