Haye v Harrison – Analysis

November 14, 2010

"Give it three Audley"- thanks to FightFranchise

Oh dear, oh dear oh dear, where do we start?

OK, well Harrison sucked, quite frankly, in less than three rounds of boxing, Harrison threw and landed precisely…one punch.

That’s it.

One punch.

That Harrison was going to lose was never really in doubt, but I think that we all thought that Harrison may put up more of a performance.

So, apologies to you all. Even though I predicted a Haye KO, I predicted it two rounds early, thinking that Harrison would at least last for six minutes longer than he did. Harrison had his big chance tonight and he blew it, his much vaunted left (which may have won it for him), never made an appearance.

And that’s it, Harrison was so bad, there is literally nothing to analyse, luckily, I didn’t pay £15 to watch it. Maybe now Haye will stop ducking the Klitschkos

5 Responses to “Haye v Harrison – Analysis”

  1. Ross Mantle Says:

    Did I say two rounds early? I mean’t two rounds late.


  2. Mike McKenna Says:

    Mate, how about the real fight last night? “Pac Man” was just a little bit special. What’s that now, must be six weights he’s won the gold at.

    Surely Mayweather is next? And I expect him to get knocked out.

    • ross mantle Says:

      I watched it at a party last night, I didn’t fancy staying up to watch Pac smash up another no hoper.

      I fancy a Mayweather win.

      • Mike McKenna Says:

        No hoper? I thought you were a man of knowledge about boxing, my good man.

        Margarito is one of only two boxers to knock out Miguel Cotto (37-35-2) and as Pac Man was stepping up ANOTHER weight, it was always going to be tight. You missed out on an absolute corker of a fight.

        As for your prediction, I just can’t see Mayweather being able to stand up to him. He’s a good fighter, quick, with a good chin, but Pacquiao is both quicker and stronger (in my opinion, at least.)

        I can’t see anything other than a Pac Man win, by knockout as well. And I have to say, it’ll be as pleasing to see as the first time ‘Naz’ got beaten, too.

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