Early season events at Meadow Lane demonstrate insanity of the game

August 25, 2010

Once again I must apologise for my lack of blogging activity, I’ve had a crazy month. More commentaries than I’ve ever done before have limited my time to post, but it’s always better to be busy, right? And don’t ask me about ‘Football Manager’ either…

So it’s been a strange start for Notts and for Craig Short. An opening day thumping from Huddersfield brought us all back down to Earth with a bump, and maybe gave us the reality check we needed. Followed up with another battering at Oldham, some of us were a little concerned, but with 44 games of the season left, there was no need to panic.

Tell me then, why are a section of the support calling for the head of Craig Short already? I mean, football management is hardly renowned for longevity, but seriously, TWO games? I don’t like criticising our fans generally, after all the pain that the team have caused us over the years, Notts fans are a special breed. However, there is a ‘spoilt child’ act amongst those demanding action from Ray Trew. Yes, we had a great year last season, and we haven’t made the best start this, but it is a more difficult league. As a result, it is a gradual process. If we were to sack our manager after TWO league games, no manager worth their salt would want the job.

I said myself that the priority at the start of the season is to stay in the division, and anything better than that is a bonus, and I stick by that. Yes, we’d all like back-to-back promotions, but compare where we are now to just two years ago. It’s a night and day comparison.

Of course, there are now some positives to talk about. Two rounds of the League Cup successfully negotiated, with a fantastic win away against Championship opposition last night, and two clean sheets. Add that to the first league win (albeit a scrappy one) against Dagenham on Saturday, and all of a sudden things are looking much better.

However, I see the vultures from the bigger clubs are circling around Meadow Lane, with Ben Davies their main target. If rumours are to be believed (I’ve never been a big one rumours, but this one certainly concerns me) a deal has been signed and ‘Super Ben’ is away up the A52. I really hope this is not the case, as this would be a massive backwards step.

OK, selling him would open up a fairly hefty transfer kitty for the club, but if we are to progress we need to keep our best players. I’ve never seen a player at Meadow Lane with the amount of ability Davies has on a dead ball, and we should be looking to build our side around him for a number of years. In my opinion, the £400,000 that has been quoted is pretty miserly, and I fail to see how we can both replace Davies and then strengthen the squad with that kind of money. I’d suggest it might take more cash than that to simply replace him.  However, I’m still hopeful that this rumour is simply that: a rumour.

Everything I’ve heard from Davies indicates he’s happy at Notts, and us fans certainly love him, so I’d like to think Mr Trew will give the Derby approach the dismissal it deserves. The quicker this transfer window slams shut the better.

6 Responses to “Early season events at Meadow Lane demonstrate insanity of the game”

  1. Simon Hall Says:

    Like it matey. I heard Varney might be going the other way due to a pay out Charlton would receive if he plays one more game for Derby. I personally dont think it will happen, well maybe not in this transfer window anyway. Its god to see we are improving and the squad is gelling together. Carry this momentum and we will carry on climbing the table which isnt hard at this point in the season.
    Im in fully agree about the craziness of calling for Shorts head but thats what makes us Notts fans unique. I firmly believe he will come good.

  2. Steve Says:

    I dont understand this, you havent actually discussed any points, merely skimmed the surface of an article that is being ran on the BBC website?
    Also how can 400k be a “hefty transfer kitty” one minute but then not enough to replace or improve the next?!
    This blog is terrible and offers nothing in the way of a reasoned argument and is nothing more than a skimmed view of a more indepth article- poor effort.

  3. Andy T Says:

    These blogs Mike, not exactly cutting edge stuff there’s nothing on here that you can’t read on MAD, Sky Sports, Teamtalk or BBC Sport, etc. I find them more funny than insightful.

  4. Mike McKenna Says:

    All entitled to our opinions Steve, so I welcome yours. Skimmed an article on BBC? The Ben Davies one? Not really.

    The article is a little general, I’ll certainly admit to that, but that’s because it’s a ‘catch up’ piece.

    And I didn’t say 400k is a hefty transfer kitty, I said the 400k will open up a transfer kitty. (ie 400k plus the 500k promised by Ray Trew is a lot of money at this level.) Perhaps not overly clear, but that was my intent.

    Anyway, once again thanks for your comments.

  5. Mike McKenna Says:

    It’s fair to say this isn’t one of my better efforts Andy. Maybe a good rant would be better…

  6. Ross Mantle Says:


    I see you’ve lost your “abuse virginity” Mike, Of course, mine was far more personal, but still, feels good doesn’t it?

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