Being Rubbish Costs England Dear…

June 27, 2010

David James - Not Picking The Ball Out Of The Net (this image is the property of the Guardian)

Germany 4 – England 1

England’s rank tournament finally came to an end after this dismal performance in Bloemfontein and to make it worse, this scoreline flatters England.  England lacked fight, passion, ideas, ability and confidence and were effortlessly dismantled by a very good, but not excellent German team.  With this result hanging over him, the future looks bleak for Fabio Capello who must surely have instructed his agent to start sounding out a return to club football, and looking at this performance by the England team I can’t say I blame him.

Where to start? Why did England bomb so spectacularly? Poor selection plays a part for sure, allied this with tactical naivity, a reliance on players who clearly can’t perform for England and an unbelievably inflexible and stubborn manager and you come close to explaining why England stunk out South Africa so badly.

I was down on Capello’s selection from the start and highlighted the inconsistency in his selection of King and Heskey, players who were neither in form or regularly playing for their clubs. And how is it that Heskey managed more  minutes on the pitch than Peter Crouch? I’m no fan of the bean pole forward, but his goalscoring record cannot be matched and continually putting Heskey ahead of forwards like Darren Bent and Peter Crouch sends out the wrong message to every other English striker. It gives the impression that the England team isn’t a meritocracy anymore, it’s a closed shop, where you get in if your face fits. Rooney has clearly struggled in this tournament and needed better back up than Heskey could provide. Hopefully, Capello will do the decent thing and pull the curtain on Heskey’s England career. And while we’re at it, why not wave the axe in the direction of Frank Lampard and John Terry? Terry is obviously a disruptive influence within the England camp and should be cut now to make way for Michael Dawson.

England were dismal, no doubt about it. But hopefully in the wake of this disastrous result some positives will come. Maybe we’ll drop our reliance on our “celebrity” players and finally select players based on merit. But I don’t think so.

One Response to “Being Rubbish Costs England Dear…”

  1. Chris Ross Says:

    Great blog you got going here and a very well written article! I think it was brutal to see the Germany-England game go the way it did. Also, you think you check out my post cuz I really wanna hear your opinion on my thoughts.

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