It Could Be Worse, You Might Be French.

June 19, 2010

I could write about England’s dismal performance, but I’m already down so I won’t torture myself any further. So allow me to direct your attention to the troubles that our Gallic cousins are having at the moment.

As somebody far wiser than me said, “There’s always somebody in a worse state than you”. How true Mum, and it seems to me that the person in a worse state than myself is Nicolas Anelka.

This afternoon as I was pretending to do some DIY, news filtered back to me that Nicolas Anelka had been banished from France’s team for allegedly telling Raymond Domenech to “go screw yourself, dirty son of a whore”. Typical French, not only are their players better on the ball than ours, they’re also better on the insult too.

Rumour and discord have followed this French team around since their scandalous qualification for the World Cup, Yohan Gourcuff is allegedly a hugely unpopular figure within the squad and Gallas is also allegedly upset that the captaincy has been given to Evra as opposed to himself. This is also compounded by the alleged falling out between Domenech and Florent Malouda earlier on in the tournament. With a manager like Domenech running the show for France in South Africa, it seems almost churlish to complain about Capellos’ inflexibilty and clueless substitutions.

This makes England’s travails seem rather trivial by comparison, despite their rank displays against Algeria and The USA, England could still win their group. France, however, look like they’ll be on the next plane back to CDG Airport, tails between their legs (or in Henry’s case, hand in his pockets)


One Response to “It Could Be Worse, You Might Be French.”

  1. Merty Says:

    I think it’s lucky for France and Domenech that he doesn’t hear the insults from the other players as well. If he did, they might not be able to field a team.

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