North Korea – Give Them Some Credit, Or Kim Will Take It All.

June 10, 2010

Kim Jong Il- So "Ronery" as he ponders his teams' chances (this image is the propert of

Ah, The Footballing World Cup, I absolutely love it.

Mike will be blogging about the important issues and he does an amazing job of it, so I’ll be talking about the silly stories and this one caught my immediate attention.

Our regular readers will remember that I wrote about the requirement to take three goalkeepers to the World Cup, clearly a bonkers rule, but it is there. Now it seems that I’m not the only one who thinks this rule is crazy, North Korean Deputy Manager, Kim Jong Hun (Kim Jong Il is the actual manager of course) agrees with me. And he agrees with me to the point where he actually named one of his key strikers, Kim Myong Won, as a goalkeeper in order to bolster his attacking options. Needless to say, the kill-joys at Fifa, stamped down on this unorthodoxy and have decreed that Kim Myong Won should only play in goal. This clearly flies in the face of Fifa’s own Law 3, which states that “…any of the other players may change places with the goalkeeper”, provided, of course, that the switch is made with the knowledge of the referee and during a stoppage in play.

Mike believes that three ‘keepers are essential, despite the fact that only four teams have ever used all three in one tournament. Basically, Fifa need to give the coaches back the autonomy to pick and choose their squads, if Kim Jong Hun wanted to pick 23 goalkeepers, he should be allowed to and damn what Fifa says.

Actually, one last thing about North Korea, “Dear Leader” Kim Jong Il has barred live coverage of the World Cup if the Koreans are doing poorly. Needless to say, The North Koreans will not be seeing much football this summer (!) But that doesn’t mean to say WE can’t appreciate them, the football will stink, but I’m looking forward to the interviews, check this for a catchy soundbite.

“Like the football players of Chollima Korea in 1966, I will also display the might of North Korea’s ‘army first’ policy in the World Cup,” – North Korean Goalkeeper, Ri Myong Guk

That’s awesome, bring it on!!!!!


One Response to “North Korea – Give Them Some Credit, Or Kim Will Take It All.”

  1. Mike McKenna Says:

    Criticising the North Koreans? Talk about putting your knackers on the chopping block! After all, one day they shall rule us all…

    “You are worthress, Arec Barrwin!”

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