England’s Worst Ever Team?

May 31, 2010

Good to see BBC 3 making programmes like this.

Basically, in the midst of our collective “World Cup Fever”, some talking heads got together to ponder England’s worst ever team, and here it is.

GK- Bonnetti
RB – W.Barton
LB-  P.Neville
CH- Curle
CH- Terry
RW- Dyer
LW- Hodge
CM- C Palmer
CM- J. Barton
ST – John Fashanu
ST – Ricketts

Not really too much to complain about here, but I’d like to defend Fash a bit. I mean, it’s not really fair to slate a man who only played twice for Engalnd and didn’t score, especially when Heskey has somehow accrued nearly 60 caps and has scored less than 10 goals. and as for John Terry, sleeping with your team mates’ ex, while not nice, doesn’t make him the “worst”. Same thing with Joey Barton and Keith Curle, I mean, they weren’t classic players by any means, but to say they were the actual worst? Seems very harsh to me. Surely the worst players are the ones who have had chance after chance and have still under performed? So Dyer is worth his place to me.

Fash - Underated, Surely?

So come on, who are the actual worst players to have ever pulled on the shirt?


3 Responses to “England’s Worst Ever Team?”

  1. Mike McKenna Says:

    I have no objections to Fash the Bash being in that side, my good man. He was just a ‘clobberer’ up there. As for Heskey, as much as I don’t rate him in front of goal, he has been a really good foil for both Owen and Rooney. Just ask either of those two if Heskey has been worth his 60 caps.

    The player I most object to in that squad in ‘Steptoe’ Phil Neville. He has been a revelation since he moved to Everton, both in midfield and at right back. I certainly feel he’s a better bet than Tony Dorigo, for example.

  2. Ross Mantle Says:

    Put it this way, You wouldn’t bet your mortgage on Heskey in a one-on-one.

    I mean, heaven forbid that an international class forward should be expected to score goals.

  3. Mike McKenna Says:

    Oh I agree, he is highly questionable in front of goal. I mean I’d rather have Crouch in the side FFS!

    However, give EH his due, he does make goals even if he doesn’t take them.

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