Cotterill leaving the final chapter of the strangest season in Notts County’s history

May 27, 2010

Well, our pleading has been in vain. I think every single Notts County fan in the world wanted to see Steve Cotterill sign on the dotted line and lead us into the new season. I know I did. However, it clearly was not meant to be.

Now I can understand Cotterill wanting a little time to make his mind up. Indeed, he’d been out of the game for a little while before he got the Notts job, which clearly put his name back on the map. It is a testament to just how well he has done since returning to the game that so many clubs were apparently interested in his services. However, I can’t help but feel a little ‘strung along’ by his antics the last couple of weeks.

By constantly requesting ‘more time’ from Mr Trew and co, it seems like Cotterill was trying to give himself a back up in case the Portsmouth job did not come his way, but that is very disappointing. Let’s be honest here, I was desperate for him to stay, absolutely desperate. However, I was getting sick of him stalling, so in the end I’m glad Mr Trew made the decision for him.

Now we have to wonder who is lined up as a replacement. I’m certain that the club have not been sat on their hands for the last few weeks, and the longer Cotterill has played for time, the more this day will have been expected. Now who do I want for manager? I’ve heard several names mentioned. Indeed, the main one I’ve heard is Paul Ince, who wouldn’t be a terrible appointment.

However, there are many others out there. Alan Curbishley is still out of work. Alan Pardew is rumoured to be on a tightrope down at Southampton, and Chris Coleman is currently out of work, too. As much as I’m surprised at myself saying this, even Tony Mowbray would be interesting. There are many good quality managers out there and I’m confident that whoever Ray Trew appoints will be a success.

Just please don’t let that appointment be John Barnes.

4 Responses to “Cotterill leaving the final chapter of the strangest season in Notts County’s history”

  1. Stu Says:

    My issue is the time it took, that’s about the only problem i have with Steve’s delaying tactics. And to say today that it didn’t take long to make a decision because they only started talking on monday? I very much doubt that’s the only time he’d have thought about it!

  2. Mike McKenna Says:

    Thanks for the comment, Stu.

    I don’t buy that either. The season finished weeks ago, so to suggest the first conversation happened on Monday doesn’t add up.

    Like i said in my post, that has irritated me. Still, good luck to the guy and we’ll move on.

  3. Stu Says:

    Yeah absolutely. As you’ve said, the club will have this covered and will undoubtedly be scheduling interviews for the coming few days.

    Another pre-season on a tight rope though, if we don’t get the position filled quickly and adequately, we might not even be able to fulfil any friendly obligations with our lack of a squad!

  4. Ross Mantle Says:

    Has Mourinho confirmed at Real yet?

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