No administration and a new manager can push Notts over the finish line

March 1, 2010

Again, apologies for the delay on this post. My time last week was spent researching for my Asian Champions League commentary, and although I was following the Notts news closely, I never quite got a chance to blog on it.

Like most Notts fans, I was absolutely delighted by the news that we have avoided administration. Even though I have a contact close to Trew, when the news broke we were as much as £6m in debt I was fearing the worst. However, last week’s news really did bring a smile to my face, and I was also greatly heartened by the appointment of Steve Cotterill. Although Cotterill has been out of the game for a couple of years, he has pedigree at this level, having earned promotion with Cheltenham, and already I’ve been impressed by his enthusiasm.

The best thing about this appointment is that it allows Dave Kevan to go back to his number two role, something he was adamant he wanted to do, and also provides the squad with a real lift. The effects of this lift were there to see for us on Saturday, and the 5-0 victory over Hereford was greatly deserved.

Even without Hughes we never looked in danger of getting beaten, and this spirit should galvanise us for the rest of the season. It is of great credit to the players and the coaching staff that Notts are in the position we are despite the troubles of the season, and now I am extremely hopeful that Cotterill will see us over the finish line.

With up to five games in hand on some of the clubs around us, plus most of the sides around us still to come to Meadow Lane (Rochdale, Bournemouth, Bury, Rotherham and Chesterfield are the ones that stand out) we’ve got a hell of a chance at automatic promotion.

I’m also going to take this opportunity to talk again about Ray Trew. Despite a few ridiculous comments I’ve read on the Nottingham Evening Post site, I feel Trew deserves real credit for his stance. His actions not only benefit the club on the pitch as we don’t lose the 10 points, but they benefit the businesses who have supported us in the past.

I’m personally pleased that a deal with the rugby club has been reached, despite the potential damage to our pitch, too. The last thing I wanted were for the actions of Notts to kill off Nottingham Rugby Club, so the news that the Green and Whites will share Meadow Lane is good news all round. Not only does it settle one of Notts’ many debts, but it also allows the rugby club to build for the future.

I also read a few comments criticising the fact we will undoubtedly sell off some of the top-earners in the Summer, in particularly Kasper Schmeichel. Depending on what paper you read, Kasper is on up to £18k a week, and despite how disappointed we will be to lose him, that his just not sustainable at League 2, or even League 1 level. Indeed, £18k is probably the entire wage-budget at many clubs in this division, so to spend it one player is quite simply frightening.

I’d suggest we just enjoy having him at the club until the summer, hopefully thank him for his part in achieving promotion, and then wish him all the best for the rest of his career.

However, fingers crossed that Cotterill will be able to keep the likes of Hughes and Davies with promotion, and the promise of stability. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself, we have to win promotion first. Instead, I’d like to wish Cotterill all the best in his new job, and get right behind the boys.

Hopefully, we can roar the team up the league, starting against Macclesfield tomorrow night. Once again, I’ll see you on the Kop.

One Response to “No administration and a new manager can push Notts over the finish line”

  1. Stu Says:

    A nice read, nice to be remembered of the happier times since the confidence took a hit today with news of Steve’s departure and Kasper joining Leeds!

    When you read other supporter’s views on the club, the majority are absolutely livid that we avoided administration. Who benefits from it aside from the club’s who would benefit from our points deduction? Hundreds, maybe even thousands of local workers would find themselves on the dole que. Would rival fans prefer we pushed up the nation’s unemployment figures rather than do the decent thing?

    Avoiding administration was an incredible move, one of many that Ray has made since coming in. I still remember the fear surrounding the club in the days leading up to the announcement, we’ve obviously come a long way!

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