Notts County ‘taken over for £1’

February 11, 2010

Good news for Notts fans at last. In a story I have been personally close to (you won’t believe how difficult it’s been to keep this quiet for a fortnight!) Notts County are set to be taken over by former Lincoln City chairman Ray Trew.

The deal is believed to have cost Mr Trew just a pound, and the investment will clear all the club’s debts.

It would appear that Mr Trew is in the club for the long term. The 55 year-old, who is based in Lincoln, released the following statement.

“I know fans have been hoping for a miracle investor who will spend an astronomical amount of money for a shortcut into the Premier League. Our vision is not for the short term but for the long term. Notts County Football Club is in a difficult financial position. We are here to make sure that in the short term the situation is resolved to provide a platform for the club to move forwards in the long term.”

In other words, the priority of the club is no longer the Premiership. Instead, the chairman wants to ensure we have a club to support in 2, 5 and 10 years time.

My source close to Mr Trew suggests that the quotes attributed to him in the Times are untrue. However, we are inevitably going to see speculation on the future again of Sven Goran Eriksson. Although I do not have any definitive proof, my instinct suggests Sven will leave the club, and in the Summer we may lose our big earners such as Kasper Schmeichel and Lee Hughes. That being said, there’s a fair chance they will leave us a division higher than we are now.

Now as fans we may have to rein our ambitions in, but it at least looks like our debts of approximately £4m will be cleared, and the future of our club secured. And if we achieve our aim of promotion, we’ll at least have League One football at Meadow Lane.

A consolation prize, maybe, but our club exists. Whilst Munto Finance burns, Notts County FC lives on. And that, my friends, is far more important than ‘chasing the dragon’ of the Premiership.

Chin, chin.

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