Back in the hunt?

February 10, 2010

After the Kilmarnock game a week ago, I didn’t think I’d be writing this. And I know it could yet bite me on the backside, but as I type I just don’t care. My feelings have fluctuated from huge optimism to wanting to jump off a bridge when I consider Celtic’s season. However, a good result tonight against a well-organised Hearts side has seen us lay the ghost of last week, and that is boosted by Rangers dropping points at Motherwell.

Now, the lead is down to 8 points. Of course, if you read the papers many will tell you that the title is good as over, and we may as well give up the chase. Nonsense. However, it will take a degree of consistency on our part. A run similar to the one under Strachan where we put 7 wins together to nick the championship at the death.

However, if come the first day of next month we’ve put three wins together (against Aberdeen, Dundee United and Rangers) and are within 5 points of our Old Firm rivals, make no mistake about it, we’re in this title race. Indeed, with the strength of our squad, the ludicrous notion put forward by Lee McCullock last week may hold some water.

But there are a lot of ‘ifs’. Right now, despite the huge lead Rangers have, we can only worry about ourselves. That means working hard on the training ground to cut out silly mistakes. It also invariably means Robbie Keane taking the chances he’s currently missing, and possibly means ‘Mogga’ putting Rasmussen in the starting 11.

But whisper this quietly: if we’re 9 points better off come the 28th, we could just do this.

Keep the faith, Bhoys and Ghirls…

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