Keane mark 2

February 8, 2010

Sorry this is a bit late, I’ve been otherwise engaged. That generally involves eating biscuits and pretending to do DIY, but don’t tell the mrs. Anyway, to the football.

I’ll admit it. I was stunned to see Robbie Keane at Celtic Park on the transfer deadline day. It was a real coup for the club, and one which has certainly captured the imagination of the Celtic support, myself included.

I always thought we’d see Keane at Parkhead one day, but like his namesake Roy, I thought it would be at the twilight of his career. And I’d have hated him for it. I was never Roy Keane’s biggest fan, although I’ll admit that was because he played for Manchester United, but I certainly respected him. I respected him for what he gave on the pitch, his commitment, and most of all, his ability. My respect for him started to diminish after his tackle on Alf Inge-Haaland (remember him?) and it disappeared after his Celtic signing.

At 34, his legs had gone, and he knew it. He thought the SPL would be better for him, and he’d win a couple of medals. However, that’s where his thought process stopped. As a self-confessed fan, he COULD have signed for us at a stage where he was able to actually contribute for the club. After all, after his £100,000 a week wages at Old Trafford, he hardly needed the money, did he? It was no surprise then that his Celtic career lasted barely six months.

That’s where Robbie and Roy differ. Robbie has confessed we may only have him til the end of the season, but he’s arrived hungrier than ever. At 29, he’s at the peak of his career, and he may yet help us to at least one trophy this year.

Of course, like Roy his début was a nightmare. There was obvious complacency in our side and we got punished, losing 1-0 at Killie. Are we out the title race? By the end of the month we’ll have a clearer picture. If we take maximum points, beating Rangers along the way, you just don’t know. Certainly it was good to see Keane’s first goal for us yesterday, but I’ve been most impressed with Rasmussen. He’s found his feet quickly, scoring twice, and shows all the instincts of a predator.

However, I have concerns in other areas of the park. Defensively, we’re still shambolic, and considering we have an ex central defender as manager I still can’t fathom why. But my biggest concern is the form of Aiden McGeady. I’d suggest he needs a couple of games out the side, freshen him up, and get him ready for Ibrox at the end of the month.

After all, the next Old Firm game truly could decide the title. A defeat against a tiring Rangers side and it’s all over. A victory, and the chase is on. Let’s hope it’s the latter.

Oh, and those going to Celtic Park on Wednesday: make it like a  European night. We asked for a lift from the board and got it with Keano’s signing. Now lets do our bit and help the players get themselves on a winning run.

Keep the faith Bhoys and Ghirls, it’s not over yet.

“When you walk……”

2 Responses to “Keane mark 2”

  1. MIchael Says:

    You just know Rangers will play for the draw at the end of the month. They will play with all the flair that took them to Manchester.

  2. Mike McKenna Says:

    Possibly, although they’ll know a win will probably give them a title.

    The key for us is to nick an early goal, and hopefully we’ve now got the players to do that.

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