Roy Jones Junior – Give It Up!

January 13, 2010

Jones Junior gets a beating from Danny Green (photo: Brendan Esposito)

On December the 2nd 2009, Roy Jones Junior, lost a boxing match to Australia’s Danny Green in 122 seconds. First round knockouts happen in boxing from time to time, it’s a feature of this glorious sport of ours that anyone CAN beat anyone on their day; everyone has a puncher’s chance after all.

At the time RJJ accepted his loss and made the appropriate noises about retirement and the boxing world prepared to say goodbye to one of its greats.

But then, the money started talking and Bernard Hopkins, trying desperately to save his planned multi-million dollar rematch with RJJ, started murmuring about “fast stoppages”. RJJ, as soon as he got back to Pensacola, decided to lodge an appeal with the NSW Combat Sports Authority, demanding that the bout be ruled a no-contest and alleging that Green’s hand wrappings were not up to standard, effectively turning Green’s hands into “offensive weapons”. It’s such a contrast to what RJJ said straight after the fight, “We don’t make excuses, it was a great performance by Danny.” That frame of mind didn’t last too long, did it?

So this is what we have now, one over the hill Yank, attempting to protect his final pay day match against another over the hill Yank at the expense of the man who beat him in one round. Danny Green did the sport of boxing a favour by knocking out RJJ in such dramatic style. By ambushing the Hopkins/Jones Junior rematch in the way he did, he spared us the sight of two wheezing old-timers tapping each other to exhaustion.

RJJ and B-Hop are undoubted legends of boxing, but they aren’t showing a champions class here, they aren’t letting Green enjoy his moment. This all reminds me of Buster Douglas against Mike Tyson. Tyson knocked Douglas down with a brutal uppercut in the 8th; Douglas took a nine and then proceeded to beat Tyson a couple of rounds later. Within minutes, Don King was complaining about alleged slow counts and demanding that Douglas be counted out then, thus scrubbing Tyson’s defeat from the record books. If RJJ wants to leave the sport with ANY dignity, he should man up, swallow his loss and let Danny Green beat up on Hopkins.

Luckily Green’s management team have showed some back bone and have thrown the “cheat” allegations straight back at RJJ’s camp. Green’s manager, Justin Manolikos took a hard shot at RJJ by saying, “Coming from a steroids cheat, it’s a bit of a cheap shot”


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