Dirrell vs Abraham

December 19, 2009

The Super Six Fighters (this image is the property of fighthubtv.com)

On March 6th, Andre Dirrell (18-1, 13 KO) will face unbeaten Arthur Abraham (31-0, 25 KO) in California as a part of the Super Six tournament.

It’s an interesting matchup; Dirrell’s nickname is “The Matrix” which kind of gives you a clue as to his fighting style. He’s a very tricky and elusive southpaw, trying to lay a glove on Dirrell is like trying to hit thin air at times. While the jury is out on his performance against Carl Froch in October, he still remains one of THE talents in the super-middleweight division. Abraham, in sharp contrast could almost be defined as the most stereo-typical “European” fighter there is, not much in the way of “fancy” techniques. But enough power in both his hands to ensure that anyone who gets caught by his swinging right stays on the floor.

Of course, Abraham has the momentum going into this fight following his brutal knockout of Jermaine Taylor in the 12th round of their bout. Dirrell, on the other hand, found himself on the wrong end of a controversial split decision against Nottingham’s Carl Froch.  Abraham is also the more experienced fighter and has competed on, arguably, the higher level and he remains a lot of people’s outside tip for winning the Super Six. But maybe we shouldn’t look too closely at the destruction of Taylor, Taylor is definitely on the slide and hasn’t looked the same since Kelly Pavlik destroyed him twice.

It is important to note that the fight will be taking place in California, at the Agua Caliente Casino. While this is hardly a home fixture for the fighter from Flint, Michigan, it will certainly play to his advantage.

And this is why I’m tipping Dirrell for the win, I feel that Abraham has got no chance of winning a decision in the US, especially following the furore after the Froch decision. No, if Abraham wants a win in this one, he’s going to have to spark the American out, and I just don’t see that happening.

Look for Dirrell to win a unanimous decision.


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