Amir Khan – For Real?

December 10, 2009

Amir Khan and Dimitry Salita

In the space of just 76 seconds Amir Khan (22-1, 16 KO) announced himself on the world stage with a devastating knock out of Dimitry Salita. If you watch the fight, you can’t help but be impressed, blinding hand speed allied with huge punching power. Who cares about the chandelier chin if you’re dispatching guys before they’ve even got a punch off?

But let’s get real, Amir Khan punched the lights out of a barely credible challenger, you might say that Salitas’ record suggests that he wasn’t a mug challenger. Well, 16 KO’s from 30 wins doesn’t shout of Liston like punching power.

The truth of the matter is this, Khan has been almost obsessively protected by Frank Warren, ever since Khan’s old trainer, Jorge Rubio, put him up against one Breidis Prescott.  Prescott battered Khan into oblivion and Warren saw his meal ticket disappear like Khan’s unbeaten record. Since then, Warren has guided Khan through the morass of fading legends (Barrera) and powder-puff punching, alphabet champions (Kotelnik).  You could defend Khan and Warren by falling back on the issue of Khan’s age. I mean, the guy is only 22 years old, is it right that we should put him in against these far more experienced boxers? What would an Ortiz or a Maidana or even a Hatton do to AK? There is, of course, some currency in this defence, but then again, AK is WBA World Champion, how can he be World Champion and still be protected? That just doesn’t make any sense.

Khan doesn’t come across as a stupid guy, he knows now that he’s going to have to start fighting the quality opposition if he’s going to keep hold of the few BOXING fans that he has, like it or not, Khan isn’t particularly well supported in the boxing world, they can see through the Warren hype and terrible quality opposition.  All those fans who cheered for Khan on Saturday night? Those were fans of Amir Khan “The Man” not Amir Khan “The Boxer”.  Khan should justify his WBA World Champion status by fighting world class opposition, he can’t go around beating up on Salita forever.


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