David Beckham has asthma… And the world keeps turning.

November 26, 2009

So, it’s recently revealed that David Beckham suffers from a condition that around about 5.4 million other people in the UK suffer from, including your faithful blog author here. Indeed, I have personally lived under the yoke of the blue Ventolin for the last 25 years, and yes, It is a pain in the arse. Personally, I think that asthma could be the only reason for Beckham’s recent strolling performances in the England shirt.

On a serious note, I’m rather pleased that this world famous footballer has “come out” of the wheezing closet. I’m a little disappointed that Beckham’s agent has seen fit to re-assure us all that his clients’ asthma won’t affect his performance in South Africa. I mean, if Capello had a pair, he wouldn’t pick Beckham in his squad, but that’s another blog entry.

What surprises me about this particular story isn’t so much that Beckham has asthma, but it’s more the media reaction to it. I know that the presses are super-anxious to crowbar Beckham’s face into their papers by any means necessary, but the reaction is blown out off all recognisable proportion. It’s almost like Beckham is the only athlete to have it and of course, we all know that isn’t true.

We all know that Paul Scholes has asthma, but did you know that US diver, Greg Louganis is a sufferer? And were you aware that our very own Paula Radcliffe gets exercise induced asthma? That’s Paula Radcliffe, one of the greatest distance runners these islands have ever produced.

Although I don’t normally bang the drum for things like this and I don’t expect Beckham to suddenly become the asthmatic spokesman, I rather hope that the news that Beckham is a sufferer sheds some light on this rather misunderstood condition.

*On the side, I notice that Beckham has a rather snazzy red inhaler, I’m surprised it isn’t gold plated*

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