Winding up order shows us all that Munto were a necessity, not a luxury for Notts County

November 10, 2009

The rollercoaster ride that is supporting Notts County has taken another vicious turn, and once again we’ve got a few more hundred column inches in the press. For all the flaws that come with Munto Finance and this summer’s takeover, it is now obvious that we owe the fact we still exist to Peter Trembling and his associates.

I will admit to having a few concerns in previous weeks. Indeed, I was particularly vocal in my criticism on this very blog when the decision was taken to sack Charlie McParland. However, before they arrived there’s no doubt we were in a mess.

In a true testament to the horrendous predicament we found ourselves in pre-takeover, the Guardian yesterday announced that Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs had served us with a winding-up order over ‘a six-figure sum’. Without the takeover, it is quite feasible that we would have been out of business come the new year. That very thought chills me to the core.

However, like most events at Meadow Lane since the takeover occurred, it seems the truth has been somewhat bent in the media. My understanding of the issue from official sources is the winding up order has been issued to Blenheim 1862, the parent company of the club. However, despite reports to the contrary, Munto Finance have now paid the bill. The High Court date of the 18th November is effectively a charade, where the court will acknowledge the payment and dismiss the winding-up order.

After months of looking for flaws in the takeover, this will be further disappointment to the Guardian newspaper. (I sense a tangent coming on) Generally, I’m a big fan of the Guardian. I think it’s a thoroughly decent paper that sticks to the essence of journalism, and in a time where entertainment shows are more important in the eyes of the public than war or famine, it is a vital cog in the British press. I genuinely believe that a newspapers primary role is inform the public of the major issues of the world, and prevent “the tyranny of government”, not to report the latest X Factor bust-up, and the Guardian is a major player in that area. However, it would seem they have made a beeline for Notts County Football Club, and it is a little infuriating to say the least. This has included erroneous stories regarding the actual takeover, Sven’s future at the club and now this HMRC bill.

However, enough about the paper, and back to my main point.

Without this takeover, I’m pretty certain we’d all be back on the streets, cap in one hand, bucket in another, asking for the help of the good people of Nottingham.

(I feel another tangent in the not-too-distant future)

It would seem that a certain section of the other side of the city won’t ever let us forget the £3 they once put in a bucket to help us. Thanks for that, my Red friends. We do appreciate it. However, by continually reminding us that you helped out, I get the impression some of you are the type of people who would not think twice about using the line “but I once lent you fiver in 1974. You owe me,” to even their best friends when trying to get what they want in 2009. I’ve encountered a few of those in the past. Most of whom have forgotten about 1968,  a certain incident involving the Main Stand at Forest, and the help provided by Notts County FC. Your donations, as much as we appreciate them, have merely returned the favour. So thank you, for the 12,357th time, thank you. What else do you want from us in return? Our kidneys maybe?

(Tangent over)

However, thanks to the good people whose vision is to see Notts County competing on the European scene, we are free to enjoy the future and the challenges it will bring, rather than another desperate fight for survival, like the one we endured just a few short years ago.

I hope my fellow ‘pies will join me in raising a glass to that.

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