What’s Wrong With AC Milan?

October 29, 2009

It’s been a tough old season so far over at the San Siro, Their President is an international laughing stock, they’ve got a starring role in the David Beckham circus, their key players have been largely anonymous all season, their manager is clearly not up to the job, and more pressingly, they’re too damn old on the field.

Any team would struggle after losing a player of Kaka’s calibre, but it seems to have hit AC particularly badly. It must be even more galling for the fans when you consider that Huntelaar, signed from Real (of all places), has been fairly poor this season.

As ever, the problems are down to money, while Perez over at Real has been doing his best impression of Bill Gates and Roman Abramovich combined, Berlusconi has been comparatively tight. It’s thought that the sale of Kaka to Real has been more about balancing the books rather than investing in new players.

And the financial problems don’t just affect the team, it also effects what goes on at a management level. Great player that he was, It’s fairly obvious to anybody who isn’t Stevie Wonder that Leonardo is struggling at this level. So why was he appointed? Easy, he’s a cheaper option than getting somebody in. Milan have attempted to present his appointment as an attempt at injecting new impetus into the club, but that only works if the results and performances back him up, which they clearly haven’t.

But what about the players themselves? There have certainly been some rather poor displays emanating from the Home dressing room this season. We’ve already mentioned Huntelaar, but surely the biggest fingers are pointing at former Brazilian golden boy Ronaldinho. Ah Yes, twice FIFA World Player of the year, but now fighting for form amidst fluctuating weight, a team in the doldrums and insistent insinuation that he’d rather be out carousing the hostelries of Milan. On top of all this he’s no longer even recognised as the best player at AC, let alone in The World. Who should Leonardo play these days, the aging Seedorf or the enigmatic Ronaldinho? Difficult to say, but it shows just how far Ronaldinho has slumped if this is treated as a serious question.

And to top it all off and make me look like a fool, they go and win in Madrid, as somebody far wiser than I once said “It’s a funny old game”.

One Response to “What’s Wrong With AC Milan?”

  1. Mack Says:

    We all wish for Ronaldinho to come back to his prime game. It´s odd how most of the brazilian players peak at youn age and slump in ther late twenties.

    We can still enjoy Ronaldinhos magic in this 3d demonstration of his enigmatic feint. See it here: http://www.soccertrix.dk/trix/index.php?trick=RonaldinhoAkka.unity3d Amazing!

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