Diving climbdown is an ugly blotch on the Beautiful Game

October 19, 2009

OK, I accept that this issue now is not as relevant as it would have been a month ago, but hey, it’s my blog, and I want to talk about it! But I’ll keep it brief or it’ll become an essay.

I think UEFA’s climbdown on their decision to ban Eduardo was a disgrace, and an open invitation for divers everywhere. Let’s face it, whilst Arsene Wenger could justify feeling upset that UEFA had made an example of Eduardo, he could have resolved the issue himself in house. But that’s going over old ground.

The problem here is that UEFA’s climbdown has just demonstrated that the big clubs are more important than sporting integrity. Arsene Wenger achieved a victory, but at what cost? Now, the likes of Ronaldo are free to roll around without any fear of punishment, where if UEFA’s charge had stuck, there was a very strong probability that the efforts to clean up the game would have gone somewhere.

What particularly riles me was the reaction of the Arsenal fans to Wayne Rooney winning a penalty against them a couple of weeks later. At least with Rooney there was contact!

However, as UEFA have now proved, contact isn’t a must to win a penalty anymore.

And I for one think that stinks.

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