Charlie’s sacking left a sour taste

October 16, 2009

So it finally happened. The most predictable sacking in English football finally came about on Monday, when Ian “Charlie” McParland was relieved of his duties by the Notts County board. Despite the board’s previous support, Charlie was a dead man walking from the moment Sven Goran-Eriksson entered Meadow Lane.

However, when you look at the performance of the team it is extremely difficult to comprehend. With an almost entirely new squad, Notts find themselves sat in fifth position in the league, top scorers in the whole of England and only a meagre 4 points of the summit of League 2. You just have to ask then what exactly could Charlie have done to save his job? The answer is simple: nothing.

Mr Trembling argued that the club had to look forwards, particularly with our grand ambition of playing in the Premier League. Last month, he announced to the entire world that the club were assessing Charlie’s suitability for the Meadow Lane hotseat.

“Of course we’ve got to review all the time whether he’s the right man for the long-term job. He’s under pressure, we spent a lot of money so it goes with the territory.”

Trembling added: “We are under the spotlight. We haven’t started in the best possible way but sometimes it takes a while for things to gel.”

Haven’t started in the best possible way? We’re fifth in the league! Considering the past few years we’ve been staring relegation in the face, it’s a massive improvement! I’ve said before this is reminiscent of Ranieri’s treatment by Chelsea, and I think most Notts fans are very disappointed by the club’s actions.

However, unlike Chelsea who had ‘The Special One’ waiting in the wings, who do we have? Well, the bookies favourite is David Platt. Kind of says it all. I would hope the club would be intelligent enough to research into the effect Platt’s appointment would have on the fans (ie mutiny) and nip this in the bud straight away. For me, an appointment like Peter Taylor would make sense, a man who knows the lower reaches of English football, and an experienced head at that.

But after some of the recent stories coming out of meadow Lane, such as who actually owns the club (and subsequent denials), the high profile entry and exit of Communications Chief Matthew Lorenzo, and the current mystery surrounding Sven’s future, who knows what the future will bring?

What we all want to see is good attacking football, which lets be honest, Charlie had delivered. His side was short of one commanding centre half (a Mr S Campbell was lined up for that job, let’s not go there shall we?) and yet I’d say under Charlie a promotion spot beckoned. Now, the club has no stability at all, the good name of Notts County is being dragged through the mud and the board are simply exaccerbating the media’s case. We truly are a circus, and who know’s what’s next? All we do know is it won’t be dull!

As for Charlie, I’d just like to say ‘thanks’ for what you did with our club, and wish the best of luck for the future. I’m sure our paths will cross again soon.

2 Responses to “Charlie’s sacking left a sour taste”

  1. ross m Says:

    Hi Mike,

    Just writing in to support your blog.

    Just when you think football couldn’t get anymore mental, SGE rocks up at Meadow Lane!!

    I hearby renounce football until it gets it’s senses back!

    Come on Carl Froch!!!

  2. Mike McKenna Says:

    Hi Ross, cheers for your comment.

    However, the beauty of football is (or at very least it should be…) unpredictability. SGE taking a job at Notts is fantastic for the game.

    I think there’s a bit of a fairytale going on at Notts, but due to the murky nature of the club’s backers, who knows if it’ll have a happy ending?

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