“And it’s Shevchenko…..and he’s scored!”

October 16, 2009

Now then, I know what you’re asking. “This blog is mainly about Notts County and Celtic, why are you talking about Shevva?”

Normally you’d be right, but this week one of the most exciting opportunities of my life led to the above quote. I got to commentate on the match between the mighty Andorra and the Ukraine, and I loved it.

I don’t think 90mins has ever passed as quickly as it did on Wednesday. When I arrived at the studio an hour before kick off I was pretty much pissing myself in excitement, and trying not to shit myself in fear! Indeed, my bodily functions were my biggest concern as I set off from Nottingham, and minor details like team news were easy, but the image of soiled boxers was undoubtedly on my mind!

The game itself was pretty much as expected. A dogged Andorra performance in the first half was only spoiled by Shevchenko’s strike, and they could have scored twice themselves. Granted, both of these efforts were due to the Grobelaar-esque performance of the Ukrainian ‘keeper, but on another day they may have at least found themselves level.

The second half though was another matter. Some terrible defending (and terrible camerawork too) led to the second. A quick free kick on the hour put Gusev through one-one-one with the keeper, and he buried his chance. That led to a calamoutous last half hour, with the type of defending that would embarress any under 11s coach worth his salt.

By the time the final whistle blew, it was 6-0. I was out of breath, with a mouth as dry as the rear end of a badger.

But when I left that studio at 6.30 on Wednesday evening, my grin could probably be seen across the whole of Feltham, and that had nothing to do with the fact I was about to consume my entire body weight in cheeseburgers.

Football commentary for a living? I don’t think I could have found a more perfect job.


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